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Let's start from the beginning... 2014.


Jen started training as a Bridal Consultant in her local boutique at the age of 21. Cutting a long story very short, Jen has worked in several boutiques across the UK and has learnt a LOT over the years! 

2018 comes around and we ( Jen and Carole ) decide it's time to take the plunge and open our very own bridal studio! Several property viewings, meetings with designers and hours of researching, we finally came up with:

Veils & Vows Bridal Studio.

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1st September 2019, after many months of painting, sanding and shopping for our collections, we opened Veils & Vows Bridal Studio on South Street in Eastbourne!

Employee of the month!

We absolutely loved our studio in Eastbourne, but after observing how many brides were travelling from Brighton (and sometimes even Wales!) we knew we had to seize the opportunity and take over this new space...

and Veils & Vows Bridal Studio, Duke Street, was born!

Due to the pandemic and restrictions, we couldn't open until April 12th 2021, but you all followed our journey on Instagram and were ready and waiting for our opening day!


That transformation though?!

IMG_3607 2.jpg

We now have a much larger studio in the centre of Brighton and we can finally give the service we've always wanted to!


We're also starting to get a name for ourselves for our window displays which have a different theme every month - you'll often see Jen up a ladder in the window doing something creative!

Another thing we love to do is support other local businesses, so a collaborative effort on the window is a great idea to help each other out! Above is Jen pictured with Lulu from Shop Fluffy for their Brighton Pride Love is Love window, which was a huge hit!


We have BIG plans for Veils & Vows Bridal Studio and plan to make waves in the bridal industry - so what are you waiting for? Come and make some memories with us!

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